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Evergreen Devcon Pvt. Ltd

Our prime objective is to be the leading sustainable
solutions provider to the environment and human by providing engineering services with heartiest responsibility.


We are committed to make Your Cities cleaner & healthier surroundings,
by developing quality Engineering Services with sincere efforts towards the Environment.
We are fully committed to the implementation of the very best standards of Health Safety & Environmental policy

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Employing our own specialist machineries and expertise operator allows us to offer a service for de-watering, dragging silt and water from pond, sump and other required places by using high pressure suction , jetting machine and heavy duty submersible pump or by pumping silt to locations, where no machine can reach. EDPL has enough experience of dragging all kinds of water bodies, no matter whether the water be a Water logged mine, private pond or urban sewer system.


Mechanical de-silting & CCTV

Evergreen Devcon Pvt ltd has been under take sewerage & drainage de-silting and CCTV survey for many years. Many of those projects mechanical silt removal. We are suggested to avoid conventional method of de-silting due to high risk involved specially in underground / confined sewerage & drainage combined system with presence of dangerous gases, thus mechanical de-silting can provide you to achieve the project goals in the cost appropriate and environmentally sensitive way possible.

CCTV inspection service for sewer and other sector Area of operation

Sewer and drain | Surface drain | Water line

The CCTV robot crawler will carry out CCTV with digital video and 180 degree tilt and turn method The CCTV system survey is based on distance interval screenshots, where the camera will capture images using the 180 degree digital video scalable and customized reports can be produced, to meet the clients satisfaction.

The CCTV survey is one man job. The CCTV crawler has a powered ractor system to move in & out inside the pipeline /manhole and can be towed back to the CCTV vehicle, thus avoiding the confined space entry & ensuringsafety and ease of mind for the job procedure. One team of EDPL is capable of survey and reporting up to 500m per day per shift.


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